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Linux kernel design xv6 operating system kernel design from scratch in C program.

The xv6 is a multi-core processor kernel designed for educational purposes. This operating system kernel runs successfully on qemu virtual machine and has options for extending the features. In this 8hrs long course, you will learn how to write the C program code from scratch and understand several operating systems concepts.

C system development Practical design of a large complex software using Qt, Qml and C++ from Scratch

This course teaches Qml /Qt using the design of a Large sophisticated Music composer application. The students learns the concept from scratch as the lecture opens by introducing Qml basic concepts like rectangles, text, images, anchors and loaders up until when complex calculations and dynamic object/page loading takes place..

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FPGA BrainIO System on Chip design

Design of a bi-directional system on chip in verilog using risc-v architecture.

FPGA Design MIPS System on Chip

Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipelined Stages.

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