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I'm Ezeuko Emmanuel, a Fpga Programmer and tutor

Welcome to my website, The Projectfpga.com is an archive of my projects on serial communication protocol, Cryptography and other electronics tutorials which i implemented on FPGA board. My goal is for this project to serve as an hands-on practical guide for anyone with knowledge of HDL to become project oriented and be able to design hardwares with it. I am an electronics engineer with over 4+ years writing programs for Field Programmable Gate Array.

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I Would Love to make your Ideas real

This practical course is based on different researches on implementing over ten different Serial Communication Protocols available in the world today on FPGA board. I will be using the Basy-3 and Arty board for this demonstration.

This course are for people with interest in digital electronics and communications, the Ideal candidate should have prior knowledge of atleast on HDL language(VHDL or Verilog) and basic knowledge of logic gates and FPGAs. The student will have a project-oriented mindset towards Serial communications in digital electronics at the end of this course. List of references are also attached at the bottom of the page to credit original research content owners and and serve as further studies for students at the end of the course.
The hardwares which are the FPGA boards are almost not compulsory as this project can be simulated with the available softwares. The softwares includes either Xillinx Vivado suite or Quartus II web edition and Logism (for demonstration purposes).

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